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Set up email and text notifications in "My Account." See Your Library Notices.

Text Phone Mail Email
Hold Pickup x x x
Hold Cancellation x x
Auto Renewal x
Courtesy x x
Overdue x x x x
Bill x x

Overdue Notification Schedule

  • 2 days before due date........Courtesy notice (text or email)
  • 7 days after due date...........First overdue notice
  • 21 days after due date*........Second overdue notice, account blocked, privileges suspended
  • 42 days after due date..........Bill (email or postal mail)


A bill will be sent for the following:

  • Items 42 days overdue
  • Unpaid lost or damaged items

Debt Collection

Accounts with an outstanding balance of $50 or more are sent to a collection agency no sooner than 90 days after a bill is issued. A non-refundable $10 collection fee will be added to all accounts referred to debt collection.

Online Payments

You may pay your fees in person or online. Log into "My Account" and view your fees. Then, make a payment. Your payment will be processed within 2-3 business days.


*Temporarily extended from 14 to 21 days on 9/9/20 due to quarantine for returned materials.